The GlobalProtect Agent is a VPN client to connect to the university VPN service.

It is required for any staff or faculty members who would like to access to restricted services. This document is a guide to help you to install and configure the agent for the basic usage.

For more information, the Firewall rules now are based on your roles and responsible, there is no location limitation. This means that you can access to the restricted services you have rights to access to from anywhere in the university or even at home.



You can download the agent from the following links according to your operating system.

 GlobalProtect Agent 5.1.8 for Mac 32/64 bit.pkg

 GlobalProtect Agent 5.1.8 for Windows 32 bit.msi

 GlobalProtect Agent 5.1.8 for Windows 64 bit.msi

GlobalProtect Agent for Windows XP



  • In the GlobalProtect Setup Wizard, click Next.



  • Click Next to accept the default installation folder (C:\Program Files\Palo Alto Networks\GlobalProtect), or click Browse to select a new location and then click Next twice.



  • After installation is complete, Close the wizard.





Basic Usage

  • In the first time you open the GlobalConnect Agent, it will prompt for the “portal address”.
  • There are 3 portals as follow

The server you need to connect depends on the services you use. Please contact our staff for portal server you want to use, then click “Connect”.



  • Then it will prompt for login with username and password. You can use your AU Account to login as you use to login to any university IT service.



  • If you can login successfully, it will display as shown below and the status panel will change to “Connected”.



  • If you want to sign out. Click Choose Setting



  • Click ‘Sign Out’