Step by Step to Copy your files and folders from Google Drive to MS One Drive

This document demonstrates how to copy your files and folders from Google Drive to MS One Drive using an online service named “”. To copy your files and folders, just follow the steps below:

1. Open a browser and brose to , then click Login.


2. Then, click at Sign in with Microsoft.

3. Sign in with your university email as you use to sign into MS Teams. If you used to sign in with MS account and have not signed out, the sign in dialog may be differ a little bit.


4. At the left most column, Step 1: Select source, click at Authorize New Connector to create a new connector to a source, in this case, your Google Drive.


5. At the row described as Google Drive (Single User) click Authorize.


6. Setup the connector name and then click Authorize


7. Login to Google with your university If you have logged into any Google service, the system may list your logged in account, select your university one.


8. You may be asked for permission, answer yes for every permission. If it can authorize successfully, it will display all your files and folders in Google Drive.

9. At the middle column, named Step 2: Select destination is your destination platform, click Authorize New Connector.


10. At the row described as “OneDrive for Business (Single User), click Authorize.


11. Setup the connector name and click Authorize, the system will let you login to MS system as in step 1.


12. Once it can connect to your OneDrive, it will list your files and folders. This is your destination folder. You can select target folder or create a new folder to keep the files from Google. Once your source and destination has been selected properly, then click Start Copy.


13. You will bring to another tab named Migration Manger. Here, you can view your migration task. When a task begins, the number in “Running” is changed to number of running tasks. In our case, 1. If all tasks finished, the number in Running will be 0. Once the migration completed, your selected files and sub folders in the selected folder should be copied to your One Drive in the designated folder.



NOTE: What the did is to copy your selected files and sub folders in the source selected folder to the folder in destination platform. It did not delete anything in your source storage. So, once you ensured that all your designed files and folders had been copied to One Drive, please delete those files and folders from Google Drive.