Every university member, student, instructor, and staff, can access to MS Office 365 (O365) service using the university account or AU Account. This document introduce you how to login to the O365 system checking your profile and configuring some customizable settings.

Login to Office 365

1. Login via website https://office.com or https://portal.office.com

2. If you have never logged in to any of Microsoft platform via web browser, the system then pops up a dialog and ask for your email address, using the university’s email address as shown.


 3. However, if you used to login to Microsoft platform, such as Hotmail, the system may pop up a dialog together with the emails that you used to login as shown in the picture below. If the desired email is in the list, then you can simply click the email, otherwise, click “another account” and the system will pop up sign-in dialog as shown above.


 4. Then, the system will ask for your password, using the university password and click Sign in.



5. In case that use the university email to register as your personal email in Microsoft platform, it will ask you that do you want to use the email that provided by the school or your personal one, choose “Work or school account”.


 6. Then, put your password and click Sign in.


 7. Once you successfully logged in, the system will ask if you would like to keep the logged in session or not, say “Yes” if you don’t want to sign in every time. However, before saying yes, please ensure that you are the only one who use the device or the other guys will use it under your account.


 8. Then, the system will display a default page. The default page may be different from time to time. At the time of making this document, the default page displays your last accessed documents. All the available menus are in the left panel.


My Account

1. Once you are in the MS platform, you can find out your profile icon at the top-right of the screen. By default, it displays as a circle icon with the first character of your given name and surname as shown below.


 2. Once you click on the icon, there will be a drop-down menu as shown below. Clicking “View account” to view your account information.




There are two types of licenses that provided by the university, Office 365 A1 Plus and Office 365 A3. You may be granted for different license according to the university policies. You can check your license by following the steps below:

 1. At the left-panel menu bar, click “Subscription”


 2. We also don’t know why, but the menu will bring you to “My Account” page. Then you must click at “Subscriptions” again, either at the main panel or left-menu bar.


 3. This page displays your subscription license and all available features.



 4. Most of the basic Office applications such as World Excel and Power Point including MS Teams are available in A1 Plus license. However, there are some more exclusive features only available in A3 license for example, if you want to conduct a webinar or live stream using MS Teams, then you need A3 license. You can check out the features available for each license from this URL :


 5. Click to My Account to go back the My Account first page.

 6. Click at “Personal Info” to check your personal information in the system.

 7. The “Security & privacy” menu allow you to change password and your policy. However, changing password directly in the 365 platform is prohibited.

 8. The “App permissions” let you allow or disallow the applications to get access or modify your information. However, the default Office applications required permissions and they must be granted (no option).

 9. One of the important menus for your own security is “App & devices”. This function will show your devices that using the account to access or installed the Office applications. You can sign out for unused device here.


 10. If you are looking for more tools, try to look at “Tools & adds-in”. There may be some cool features you interesting. However, some of them are not free and you must pay on your own.

 11. There is no link or menu that can bring you back to the “View account” page from “My account” page. You must click on your profile icon and select “View account” to go back to your main account page.


Security Info


1. The “Security info” menu allow you to change your verification method and changing your password. However, once again, changing password directly in 365 platform is prohibited.


 2. Once you click the “Security info” menu and if you ever setup your verification number before, the system will ask you if you want to receive the OTP by SMS or voice call as shown below.


 3. After the successfully verified, at this page, you can add verification method, change or delete them.





1. The “Devices” function show information for all connected devices. You can check if there are unknow devices in the list.




Settings & Privacy


1. The “Settings & Privacy” menu allow you to config about your preferred language, time zone and privacy configurations.

2. There are two tabs in the function, Language & Region and Privacy.

3. You can configure preferred language, date and time format and time zone in the “Language & Region” tab.


4. There is not much you can configure in the “Privacy” tab. Only one important configure is “Microsoft Search History” so you can check what the Microsoft keeps information about your search behavior. You can also delete them. Moreover, if you would like to get emails about Microsoft products, Ads of course, you can enable it in “Microsoft product email” configuration.