We provide a user account called AU account for all faculty, staff and students. All faculty, staff and students will get an user account automatically without any request or any form filling.

What is it for?

  • Get access to the Internet connection (WiFi and LAN line)
  • Get access to the Google services
    • Gmail (the official university email service)
    • Calendar
    • Google Meet
    • Google Drive
    • Google Site
    • Google Group
    • Etc
  • Get access to the Microsoft services
    • Office 365
    • Microsoft Team
    • Sharepoint
    • One Drive
    • Etc
  • Login on Windows 10 as a Microsoft account to activate the Windows license.
  • Get access to the Library E-Resources (world-wide journals, researches and more)
  • Get access to AU Spark mobile application.

How to get the account?

For the students, the account will be generated with a combination of a letter ‘u’ or ‘g’ or ‘p’ stands for “undergraduate”, “graduated”, and “phd” accordingly, and the ID number. For example, if the ID number is 6419999 as a bachelor degree student, so the account name is u6419999.  

For faculty and staff, the account will be generated as a temporary account, please contact the Office of ITS staff to turn it into a permanent account. 

How to get the password?

You have to reset your password before using your account for the first time. 

How to get access to Email service?

The university domain is “au.edu”, so all the university account’s email is <account>@au.edu. 

Currently, the university selected Gmail as its official email service. You can access Gmail directly (gmail.com) and login with the university account (for example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Alternatively, you can access Gmail via our Intranet service website at home.au.edu. 

At this moment, the university does not support Microsoft Outlook email in Microsoft 365 system but it may be available in the future. 

Need some help? 

We are here to help:

Haumak Campus:

  • E building 6th floor
  • Computer Laboratory at A building 4th floor 

Suvarnabhumi Campus:

  • SCIT building 3rd floor
  • SCIT building Computer Laboratory 2nd floor and 6th floor 

Extension Number:

  • 3333
  • 2833
  • 2834